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Resources for Writers
(Resources Last Added on: 2/14/2011)'s Article Index Articles on Writing's 'Site Index' (Articles) - Articles Index
Article Index from (Multiple Sections of Articles) - Multiple Categories of Articles (Separate index in each section).
Dan Poynter & Para Publishing's Information Bank on Book Publishing, the 'Home for Christian Writers (More than 100,000 articles to search through and read.) - How-to Articles - "Journalism Tools" (Categorized Articles)
eBook Writing Articles from - Articles Index's 'Copywriting Library'
Clayton Makepeace's 'The Total Package' Article Archive - Copywriting Excellence Shared Abundantly, by One of the Best. Articles Index - Copywriting & Freelance Writing Articles from Bob Bly's Article Index Articles Page
Brian Jud's - Click the Articles link
Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) - Article Archive - Previously Known as the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA) - Amazing Articles Archive for You Here!
Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network (SPAWN) - Articles Page > Hobbies > Writing - Writing articles, hints, and tips for the freelancer & professional. - Marcia Yudkin's article index--which I highly recommend. - Charlotte Dillon's article index. A site full of articles, resources, and downloadable programs--all for writers.
Songwriting Articles - Articles & Advice for the Independent Songwriter
Article Index for - Article Index
The Purple Crayon - Article Index - Articles for Children's book writers & illustrators. - Articles - If you want to sell your books, it helps to speak... publicly. Lots of help, here.
Backspace: The Writer's Place - Includes 2 Sections: Articles by Literary Agents and Articles by Writers. - Articles on Contractual Issues - for writers and publishers. - Articles - More than 20 articles on the subjects of your book title, cover, and backcover text.
Advice on Novel Writing by Crawford Kilian - Free, online book worth a read.
Fiona Bayrock's Articles on Writing Nonfiction for Kids - Articles Database - Hundreds of articles from past issues of WritingForDollars, searchable by keyword. - Articles - How-To Articles with Ideas, Tips and Strategies for Successful Freelance Copywriting.
The Slot Man - Articles from a Copy Editor - 40+ articles on writing points, from a nespaperman's point-of-view and style.
The Profitable Pen - Numerous articles on eBook writing and more - 50+ articles on eBook writing and other ways to get paid for your work.


Glossary of Writing Careers, from

Writer's Weekly - Writers Job Listings

The Writer Gazette Job Board Job Board

Writing Jobs Resources
- Nearly 20 Writer's Resources for finding paying gigs.
- Listings of jobs by category in cooperation with the American Journalism Review. - Listings for content professionals, editors and technical writers. - JobMart

The Jobs Search Engine - Compiling hundreds of job-listing source-results into one search. - Jobs - Computer & Web jobs--such as writing site content and blog content. - Job Search Engine for Canadians.

The American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors (AASFE) - Job Postings - Click on 'Jobs.' Includes postings for editors *and* writers.

Book Publishing Jobs Listed at - Jobs for Publishers, Authors & Writers (Updated Twice Daily). - A large job database particularly useful for Tech writers. > Freelance Jobs - Freelance Writing Jobs & Work Resources. - Free Service for Copywriters Delivers Copywriter Jobs to Your Inbox Regularly.


Pubs That Accept Fillers (200+)
- This Guidelines database at has a search category for those pubs accepting fillers.

Nonfiction Pubs That Accept Simultaneous Submissions (150+)
- This Guidelines database at has a search category for those pubs accepting simultaneous submissions.

Organized Writer's Guideline Database
Absolute Write's Market Archives List of Links to Markets - Jobs and Markets
Paying Markets List from
Writer's Write Guideline Directory
The Writer Gazette CFS Board

The Burry Man's List of International Markets - Magazine and Newspaper Markets, Grants and Fellowships.

Links to Publications That Hire Freelancers
- An A-Z listing of paying opportunities.

Two of the best and most productive e-mail lists I've found so far for getting paying markets and guidelines (and writing contests) sent straight to your inbox daily, are:

The Creative Writing Opportunities (CRWROPPS) list:

The Paying Writer Jobs list:


ABC / AP / BBC / CBC / CBS / CNN / Fox News / Google / MSNBC / NPR / Reuters / CBSMarkets > News Feeds - News Feeds Galore. This Is News-Junkie Heaven.


The Australian / Boston Globe / CS Monitor / Chicago Tribune / Financial Times / Globe & Mail / Guardian / Observer / The Independent / Times of India / Jerusalem Post / London Telegraph / London Times / Los Angeles Times / Moscow Times / New York Times / New Zealand Herald / Sydney Morning Herald / USA Today / Washington Post
- More than 10,000 newspapers online.

College Newspapers in the USA

Business Publications

Industry Publications

Religious Publications Worldwide

Entertainment Publications
- Music, movies, and Media Publications.

Specialty Publications in the USA

Alternative Weekly Newspapers
- directory of 100+ weeklies.

Directory of K-12 Newspapers
- From the Directory.

Links to Lists of Online Newspapers
- List of Links on the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) site.


Darwin Awards
The Onion


Standard Journalism Contracts - and Other Resources
- From the National Writers Union (NWU). Click on, "Tools and Other Resources (for All)."
Society of Professional Journalists
Links to Other Journalism Sites
More Journalism Resources and Links
Educational Institutions for Journalism (Large 'USA' section)
Journalism Resources from

Journalism and Mass Communication Resources Page - U of Iowa


Trademarks Electronic Search Service (TESS)
- The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office's (USPTO) free database of pending, registered, canceled and abandoned marks. - U.S. Patent & Application Search Database.

U.S. Copyright Office

National Writers Union (NWU)
- A Writers union may or may not be for you, but this site is worth your time either way. At the least, they offer examples of various writing contracts. - Sample Forms, Contracts, for Finding Celebrities
Hollywood Creative Directory, for Finding Celebrities, for Finding Celebrities - A collection of two-minute interviews with well-known writers and poets. Taken from Don Swaim's long-running CBS Radio show, and presented by the Ohio University Telecommunications center.

Kim Komando's Tip of the Day - Categorized Tips to Help You Thrive, Via Your Computer. Great tech help--in an easy-to-understand, non-techy way!

U.S. Census Briefs for the Year 2000 - Weave some factual numbers and percentages into your writing.

Soundings - From The Atlantic Monthly: "An innovative series of poetry readings in which three or four contemporary poets are invited to record a reading of the same classic poem." (This one probably should be under the 'Writing Inspiration' category, but I'm sticking it here. Check it out--it's worth a listen.)

The Editing Process
(Or, 'What do editors do anyway?')
- A guest column by Barbara Fifer, at

'Famous Firsts' In History - A sci-fi writer's critique group worth looking into.

The Phrase Finder - An index containing thousands of English sayings, phrases, and idioms.

StoryCorps Question Generator & ‘Great Questions’ List - Use this question generator tool to create a list of questions to bring to your interview.

Library of Congress List of Book Fairs and Other Literary Events - Across the USA and around the world.

AnnieJenningsPR - Teleseminars via MP3 - Free, useful teleseminars recorded in MP3 format. Many free, some for a fee--all for you to benefit from today. There's also a good 'Book Marketing Resources' page to help you sell more books.


Pop Virtual Bubble Wrap Now

Telephone Solicitors Nightmare (Audio recordings of prank phone calls--and fun ideas for answering your own phone when solicitors call.) (Lots of options to help fill your time for a 15-minute break.)'s Huge Selection of Online Games (Board games, video games, word games, puzzle games, and more.)

Learn Braille, Online, In A Fun Way!
- The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Braille Bug is a kids' site that teaches sighted children grades 3 through 6 (as well as Freelance writers) about braille, and encourages literacy among sighted and visually impaired children in a fun environment packed with facts. - Do a Jigsaw puzzle online.

'Writing Woes' Comic Strip

Barcode Clock - Perfect for authors--check it out.



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