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"The ultimate measure of a man is not
where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."
-- Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Why Choose Me?


"Write What You..."

The saying goes: "Write what you know." I'm a Nonfiction writer. By writing what I 'know,' the subjects I can cover for you with confidence, experience, & expertise are:

  • Small & Micro Business Marketing
  • PR -- for NPOs & businesses
  • Micro & Home-Based Business Startups
  • Assistive Technology, Computers, & the Internet
  • Vision Loss & Blindness
  • Accessibility Issues
  • NPO Fund Raising
  • Volunteer Issues
  • Christianity
  • Single/Divorced Parenting
  • Affordable Family Fun
  • Outdoor & Recreational Activities


Beyond that, I take "write what you know" to mean: "Learn about those things on which you want to write."

I enjoy learning new things, love meeting new people, like asking (and re-asking) questions --- until I get answers that I understand. So my field of writing 'what I know' continues to expand.



My 'Experience:'

  • 33 years experience dealing with insulin-dependent Diabetes (AKA - "Juvenile" or "Type I")
  • 25 years experience writing poetry and song lyrics
  • 20 years experience dealing with vision loss and blindness, personally
  • 18 years experience advocating for the rights of those who are blind or who experience vision loss
  • 18 years experience working nearly every day with computers and the Internet
  • 17 years experience in the management of small nonprofit groups (local chapters of national organizations)
  • 17 years experience with grassroots nonprofit fundraising
  • 15 years of copywriting experience focusing on marketing and sales copy
  • 15 years experience as a parent (13 as a divorced/single dad)
  • 14 years experience training computer users on assistive technology (AT)
  • 14 years experience running a small business from start-up
  • 14 years experience with small business sales and marketing
  • 14 years experience writing successful business and marketing plans
  • 14 years Web design & HTML experience
  • 13 years experience managing Web site content and moderating e-mail discussion forums
  • 10 years of regular Bible study, prayer, and striving to live a Christ-centered life
  • 10 Years of experience focusing on writing nonfiction magazine articles and columns

Although experience should not be able to be added in such ways, I rather enjoy saying that it adds up to 17 areas -- and 280+ years -- of experience for "writing what I know." ;-)



I Can Write Your Nonfiction Articles,
Blogposts, & Content for You

I'm a nonfiction writer. I write articles and blogposts, mostly. Additionally, my first nonfiction book is scheduled for publication in January 2014.

I write nonfiction articles. I post to blogs and update site content regularly.

I can do it for you, too -- giving you more time to focus on the more immediately profitable aspects of your business.



4 Article Excerpts & 2 Blogs

Below are 4 excerpts taken from articles I've written, and below those are a couple of links to blogs I write for. Read on to get a better idea of my writing style. Then if you'd like, we can discuss my possibly writing for you.


Excerpt #1

Here's an excerpt from an article I wrote on 'Googlewhacking' to get past the dreaded 'writer's block:'

"I then searched for "turtle + racketeering" and found 845 results. Just from putting these two words together, I instantly thought of a possible children's story as well as a nonfiction piece I could write about the unlikely scams people have pulled in the past.

When looking further into this search, I found links to stories on turtles and the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as a couple of new resources for "weird news."

I knew I could research the WTO article and get inspiration from that. Maybe something about a story on how many turtles are sold as pets and imported/exported annually. I could also find some other interesting ideas through those news sites I now know of thanks to my Googlewhacking efforts.

Time 'wasted?' I don't know about that. It's all in how you use what you find.

Are you stuck for something to write about? Feeling uninspired lately? Go Googlewhacking! It's a bit of fun that can further your writing efforts.

It helped me overcome my writer's block by inspiring me to write this article, and it will help you, too -- 845 racketeering turtles can't be wrong."

(End of Excerpt #1)
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Excerpt #2

Here's something taken from a humor column I wrote:

"This little piggy went to market,
This little piggy got mauled by a rabid rowing machine...

Anyone know where I can trade my writing skills for a few new tootsies? Yes, I said tootsies. I may have lost 3 of mine earlier this evening. I'm not sure if they'll survive the night right now.

It was tragic, really. A vicious attack, perpetrated by the newest member of my household: a malicious rowing machine.

I was nice enough to give this rower a home the other day. It was unwanted where it was. I was helping a friend of a friend move and this rower was going to be left behind.

It goes to show that you just never know what you're letting into your life. I mean, jeez, who knows what kind of background this rower had before coming to live with me and my poor, defenseless tootsies?

If it had been ignored even half as long as some people ignore their exercise equipment, it could be quite angry -- and have some serious social problems by now.

I do believe that was exactly the problem. It seems to have finally snapped, unfortunately, and unleashed that anger... on my toes.

It was shocking. I was simply walking into the kitchen to get a bottle of water. I of course took my tootsies with me. We're so close. We go everywhere together.

So we were walking to the kitchen, and rounded the corner... a dark corner in a dimly lit dining room I might add--I should've expected trouble. As we rounded the corner..."

(End of Excerpt #2)
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Excerpt #3

Here's something from a parenting/inspirational article I wrote:

"Recently, after 3 weekends of focusing and continuously trying, my 5-year-old finally made it all the way across the monkey bars all by herself.

She's been set on doing it, because we made a deal. She recently saw this one boy that's her age (Whom I've secretly named 'Monkey Boy') zipping all around on that jungle gym, and hanging upside-down on the monkey bars.

She, of course, wanted to hang upside-down too.

I was a little worried that she'd fall on her noggin when trying to hold on and get her feet up (or back down). She still lacked the arm strength needed, it seemed, and had yet to actually make it across the bars by herself.

I told her that if she made it across the monkey bars all the way by herself--3 times, she could then hang upside down if she wanted to.

So for 3 weeks, numerous times now, she has been begging to go to the park and practice more.

Last Saturday, for the first time, she finally made it all the way across by herself.

I made a big deal out of it of course. Possibly more for my sake than hers, since I was very happy about her 'major' accomplishment.

I had her picked up in my arms and was kind of dancing around and whooping it up.

Positive, encouraging interaction with my girls is more important than what others might think of my actions.

I took that moment (of course) to briefly re-stress the fact that you CAN do just about anything you want to, if you just keep on practicing and trying -- and don't give up."

(End of Excerpt #3)
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Excerpt #4

Here's an excerpt from a technology article I wrote -- consisting of tips for better accessibility online:


There are thousands of blind and low-vision computer users on the Internet every day.

Some use magnification software, some use screen readers (a software program that reads the text and HTML audibly to the visually impaired user).

The #1 screen reader program in the industry has an option to read through just the links of a page. It lists them vertically so the user can simply arrow up and down looking for the link they want. They can also hit the letter that the link starts with, such as "c" for the "Contact Us" link.

That being said, it is much better to make the title of your book, Web page, or site recommendation the link, rather than putting the title in text and making the link simply say, "Click here," or, "here."

Over the years, I've come across sites that have numerous links in a row that say nothing more than "click here." For those that can see just fine, it makes some sense. You can read, visually, the sentence telling you what the "click here" link is leading to.

But by labeling that link in such a vague way, the Web site designer is excluding a decent-sized non-visual market of consumers (i.e., 'buyers.').

Thanks to the advancement of technology, more and more blind and visually impaired people are becoming computer users and getting online every day.

By being more precise in your linking, you might get more sales. You'll at least allow access by thousands of prospects and consumers that right now might not even be aware of what you're offering.

After getting them there, of course, it's up to your sales copy and professionalism, to make the sale.

But by simply making your links clearer, you allow for better accessibility, and you'll grow your possibilities exponentially."

(Ed. Note: The numbers have increased since I wrote that. Last I checked, the American Foundation for the Blind -- -- stated that the number of visually impaired Americans was more than 25 Million. How many more globally then, I ask you? It pays to avoid excluding a market of consumers that large.)

(End of Excerpt #4)
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The Blogs

I write for a couple of blogs, sharing good news, tips, and resources. The first is The Accessible Entrepreneur Blog, which shares tips and resources to help you achieve success faster and easier, with the help of various resources that are accessible to the entrepreneur, whether blind or sighted.

The Accessible Entrepreneur Blog


Another blog is the Praisayers (Praises & Prayers) blog. If you consider yourself a Christian, it might benefit you to take a look. I simply share scripture and prayers as I feel led to.

The 'Praises & Prayers' Blog



What Do YOU Need?

Do you have a story need? Maybe I'm the freelance writer that can help you fill it. Just Ask--E-mail Me Now.

Does your company or client have a need for Web or newsletter content? Advertising copy? Help with a business, marketing, or Internet Marketing plan? It doesn't matter whether you are:

  • part of a state rehabilitation agency with a client who wants to start a business
  • a consultancy outsourcing parts of your services, or
  • an individual who wants to take that next step closer to your dreams

If you want to put together a successful business plan to guide and grow your effort into a successful business, I Can Help--E-mail Me Now.

Does your NPO need some content for your newsletter? I write articles on a number of topics relevant to not-for-profits. Management issues, disability issues, and fund development, to name a few. Just Ask--E-mail Me Now.

Otherwise, feel free to browse through the site at your leisure. Here are some recommendations:


May God bless you mightily in the coming months. Whether we ever talk or not, I truly hope this year ends as your best year yet!






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