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"I'm not a 'starving artist.'
I'm a Nonfiction writer
who feeds my hunger
by devouring books."

-- Everett Gavel


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Do you need something written, or edited? Need something great to fill that spot in your publication's next issue?

You've found your solution.


This is my Freelance writing site. Focused mainly on giving you what you need and want to help you decide quickly if...

  • I'm the writer you want to write that article for your publication.
  • you need something edited before going public with it (highly recommended - don't be among the 'experts' online who don't seem to edit their work).
  • you need something proofread before going public with it (newsletters, e-mail marketing messages, articles, etc.).
  • you need help with making sure your info-products are accessible (and open to many more possible sales).


Here's what you'll find within this site:



The Accessible Entrepreneur Blog


The 'Accessible Entrepreneur' blog is where you'll find help for both the business and the consumer.

  • Blind Entrepreneurs: You'll find valuable, usable (i.e., accessible) resources to help you succeed with your entrepreneurial dreams and goals...
  • Companies, Business Owners, & Developers: You can learn how to make your info-products more accessible -- opening up your possible sales to more than 25 Million visually-impaired consumers in the USA alone (how many millions more globally?)...
  • Companies, Business Owners, & Developers: Find out how to make your site more accessible for the same reasons as above.



Do You Need a Writer?


Do you need a writer? Go here and find out how to get what you need, written now. Here you'll find writing solutions that can solve your problem -- and quickly fulfill your needs.

This section shares my clips, samples, and qualifications to help you quickly decide if I'm the writer you want. There's also a list of my writing services for you here.



Do You Need an Editor?


Do you need an Editor? How about a Proofreader? You can get your hard work edited now. Here are some editing solutions that can solve your problem and help you to have greater success.

Find out exactly how and why you need an editor to help you -- and how I can do it so well when so many of the online 'experts' keep missing the mark.




The Resources for Writers section contains links to thousands of free articles online. All to help you write better -- and get paid for your writing.

There are resources to help you find paying markets and job listings for your writing. There's also inspiration and some fun distractions for writers who may feel the need for a break to avoid burnout.




Are you -- or someone you know -- losing your sight? This Resources for Vision Loss page shares resources and some simple truths I've found valuable over the last 20 years since losing my own sight.

I've been working with, advocating for, and learning from blind people around the country (and the globe) for going on two decades.

The simple truth I've found proven again and again is that Vision loss and blindness is far from the end of the world. Find out more, and get help, on this page full of resources.

If you have questions, please, read through this page full of resources for those experiencing vision loss. Then click the 'Contact Everett' link on the bottom of that page. I'll always help if and when I can.

It's what life is supposed to be all about: helping each other!



Why Choose Me?


Go here to find out why I often catch things others miss. Find out the level of experience & expertise I'll bring to your project.

You've found your solution. Go here to find out why and how, now.




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