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"Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted."

~ Albert Einstein


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I'm Here to Help!


How & Why


First, the 'How' Of It...

You benefit from these facts:

  • I use both my eyes AND my ears with all of your documents
  • Your texts are read aloud to me
  • Your texts, layout / design, and graphics are viewed under magnification to show details other eyes may miss
  • I use thousands of dollars worth of specialized technology which I put to use for you
  • You get the expertise of my more than 40,000 hours of experience using (and teaching) this technology, put to use for your success!



"The Simple Truth..."

It is a simple truth that almost any editor -- and sometimes just a fresh pair of eyes such as your spouses or mom's -- works better than you doing it all yourself.

I urge you to, starting today, begin getting SOMEONE ELSE to edit or at least proofread your messages -- before you go public with them.

Every message.

Don't be one of the typical, sloppy 'experts' out there.

You can be better.

I Can Help You Be Better -- Contact Me Today.



Here Are Some Benefits
of Having Me as Your Editor

It's easy to understand why there is benefit to using my editing & proofreading services.

I use both my eyes and my ears on every word, every document I read. Each word is read aloud to me at least once while I'm reading through your messages.

This allows me to catch typos others often miss. The misuse or lack of plurals, wrong tense, wrong suffixes, and more.

Saying 'you' when the writer meant to use 'your' is one common example that regularly gets missed in today's online environment.

I've been writing for years, and editing for years as well. I've been using my eyes AND my ears to do both for a long, long time. It's become second-nature to me.

I want to help you be better. I can help your writing improve.

We can work together, with me as your editor or proofreader.



Now, the 'Why' Of It...

The 'why' is even easier to understand.

It's just a tad bit, a teensy little tiny wiggle of a bit frustrating... okay, it's rather annoying actually... when so many supposed experts and 'gurus' appear to be sloppy writers, poor editors, and often not truly worth investing in, given their own lack of attention to detail.

The online marketing messages, how-to articles, and tips they put out publicly are often riddled with mistakes, unedited, and without the due diligence they claim we need to succeed.

I have a document with 60+ pages of various sentences from web pages, e-mails, advertising messages and other stuff where someone is selling something, yet it's full of typos. Simple typos. The kind a spellchecker would catch and any editor should catch -- if one were used.

You'd recognize many of these names if I shared the document as is. But I won't. Many of them have their bits of knowledge and yes, some even have honest expertise to share.

But their poor choice of letting themselves be so overworked... or choosing to be so lazy if that's the case... that they don't even regularly check their own work before going public with it -- is a poor choice at best.

I want to help you be better than that!

It doesn't take much. But it's a constant effort, definitely. Checking every piece of writing you put out to the public, before you put it out there...

I'm offering to help you with it, yes.

You simply send me your materials, as you write them. Send them for a quick run through by a fresh pair of eyes, as well as thousands of dollars worth of technology -- before you make them public.

I'll get them back to you quickly. And THEN you can send them out to your list or post to your blog or site.

I'm here to help you with...

  • Your Articles
  • Your Blog Posts
  • Your E-mail Marketing Messages
  • Your Web Site Content
  • Your Sales Letters & E-mail Blasts
  • Everything You Make Public!    ;-)






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